Friday, 8 November 2013

bardsey art competition

An impromptu art competition broke out on the island in October when residents and visitors where challenged to provide contributions produced over just two days. The contestants and results below

Judges: Emma and Steve Stansfield and Mark Simmonds

Steves corgette cetations

1 Originality: Steve Porter (for an image he took whilst gliding over the island)

2 Showing the most promise: Ben Porter and Chris

3 The best fine art:
Jointly awarded to Connor Stansfield and Rachel Porter

4 What Bardsey Means to Me: Judith

5 The best use of Camera
Commendation to Vicki James for her video of a seal mother and pup
Winner: Pete Howlett (night sky over light house)
6 Overall winner of the event: Pete Howlett

The awsome trophy prize

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